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Many kinds of dusters are available in the market

Types of Dusters and Their Uses

The saying cleanliness is next to godliness is any clean freak’s mantra. When it comes to dusting, one needs to know that if you’re using just one type of cleaning product for different surfaces around the house, you’re not doing it right. This is especially true of Cleaning Services Dubai.

All surfaces attract dust, but cleaning them is a different story altogether. Just like using the same product for both glass surfaces and stone surfaces can spell trouble, using the same duster for different surfaces can result in utter redundancy. Having the knowledge of where to use what, can help your cleaning routine be a lot more effective and easy.

Dusters that Cleaning Services Dubai Must Use

  • Brushes: The variety of brushes in the market is mind boggling at times but when it comes to cleaning, variety is the best thing about them. Feather brushes are the best for cleaning delicate items such as crystal curios, photo frames, etc. While the Long-handled can be used to clean ceiling fans, electrical fixtures and other such objects around the house which can be difficult to reach. Hence, these kinds of brushes provide you with the reach without causing any extra inconvenience.
  • Cloth: The age-old trend of using an old piece of clothing as a duster is a fool-proof way of cleaning flat/hard surfaces like tabletops, T.V screens, shelves, cabinets, etc. they can be used with the application of some cleaning solution (just spray some on the cloth) or water, although it is not necessary. A dry cloth will remove dust too.
  • Micro Fibre: With new technology, microfiber cloths have become popular as an extremely effective cleaning product. Apart from being environment-friendly, they help clean surfaces extremely well; the electrostatic charge created by the fibers is the secret behind them attracting dust so effectively.  The best part about microfiber dusters is that they can be used to clean delicate items as well. Just attach them to a handle and you’re good to go.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Vacuum cleaners are extremely helpful in cleaning heavy duty things around the house which collect a lot of dust in them such as upholstery, linen, curtains, etc. using a normal rag to clean such items will be nowhere near helpful, in fact, patting your upholstery with a rag will leave you in a coughing/sneezing fits because of the dust swirling out of it. Vacuum cleaners suck the dirt out of tricky spots as well like wall corners, etc. which can be cumbersome to clean by hand.
  • Noodle Gloves: Noodle Gloves, better known as microfiber dust gloves, are another great tool for cleaning things quickly as well as easily. All it takes is a swipe of the hand. Once the glove has accumulated enough dust on it, take it out and shake it clean, then resume dusting. They are considered quite the convenient dusting tool as you need not hold anything in your hands, just wear the gloves and wipe clean the surfaces. These can be used as a more convenient alternative of cloth rags. The microfiber attracts a healthy amount of dust, helping clean the surface quickly in a manner that the dust does not find its way back onto the surface. Once you are done dusting for the day, toss them into the washing machine with other clothes to clean them. Once washed, dry them in the sun and they are ready to be used again.

Now that you know what type of duster to use where you can guide your maid in Dubai to dust the right way. Instead of using one single duster for everything, she should know to use the right one for the correct surface.

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