The use of environment-friendly cleaning products is a priority of some people, as it should be. No one wants toxic chemical fumes filling their house. This is especially true if you have someone living at home who has allergies to chemical fumes. When cleaning yourself, it is not a big problem, the greater challenge arises when hiring cleaning services Dubai to do the housekeeping.

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Allergic Reaction

Truth Behind the Cleaning Products We Use

If you compile a list of cleaning products you use, you will be surprised at the number of products you have on the list. A typical household can have nearly a dozen or more cleaning products for cleaning the house. These products may do their job of removing the germs, grime and stains, but leave behind toxic fumes that stagnate inside the house. Since most of the buildings in Dubai are temperature controlled and there is little natural ventilation, over a period of time the toxic fumes emitted by the cleaning products can reach an alarming level. This causes the air within the house or building to be hazardous to health.


Natural Non-Toxic alternatives

We are not restricted to using commercially available chemical cleaning agents. There are age old methods for cleaning and sanitizing that have been tried and tested by generations of people before us. These cleaning methods may be more time consuming sometimes, but they are not toxic. Also, these organic cleaning products are pocket-friendly too.

If you are wondering why we do not use these, then blame it to our modern living where we are dazzled by the bombardment of advertising. These tempt us to leave wisdom aside and use products that may deliver on their promise of cleaning up, but make you pay the price of it twice over – once when you buy them and then again through the toxic fumes that they create.

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Natural Cleaning Products

Some Natural Cleaning Products

Some of the most efficient cleaning agents are probably sitting in your pantry right now. Look into your pantry for baking soda. It is perhaps one of the most versatile cleaning agents you can find. It is an all in one stain remover, whitening agent, water softener and deodorizer. Add it to your washing machine and dishwasher and watch its magic.

Hot water and steam is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and germs. Just wiping down the infected areas with hot soapy water will take care of 99% of the germs. There are few pathogens that can survive above the temperature of 60-degree centigrade. So make sure the water temperature is above that.

Another great way to liven up your home is by using lemons for cleaning. They are great deodorizers, whitening agents, and stain removers. What’s more, they smell great!

Other natural cleaners and disinfectants include vinegar, washing soda, organic soap made with vegetable oils, soap nuts, etc.

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Soap Nuts

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services Dubai

It is hard to find cleaning services Dubai that use non-toxic or environmentally friendly cleaning products. Try looking at online cleaning services, and you are likely to find that most of them use standard chemical-based cleaning agents. But when you hire a maid in Dubai or engage a cleaning service, you can insist that they use environmentally friendly products in your home. Alternately, you could supply them with your own cleaning agents that are natural and non-toxic.

Hope this article helps you keep your house chemical free.