When we hire a maid we do not know whether they are as honest as they say they are. You have to believe them on their face value, but how do you know whether you have hired an honest maid or a stealing maid.

The answer to that question lies in your own awareness and vigilance. If you are aware of what is happening around you in your house, you will know, within a few days of hiring, whether you have a stealing maid or not.

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Determining Whether Your Maid is a Thief

It is fairly easy for a person to know what they have in their house and what hasn’t been used, removed or taken away by a family member. If you keep track of these things, you will know instantly whether any of your things are missing. Here are some tips of keeping track of your things:

Food: Organize your pantry and storage so you can see at a glance if things have been moved or removed. If you find things are not where they should be, ask your family members before you ask the maid. Another sign is if you are consuming food more than you did before the maid arrived. All of us know how much we eat and if your grocery bill suddenly goes up without any explanation or you notice that certain food items you had bought seem less or are missing, its time to have a talk with your maid.

Clothes: This is slightly harder to discover as most of us have a wardrobe full of clothes and we do not always keep track of the clothes we have. We only miss an item of clothing when we want to wear it and it seems to have disappeared. This may be several days or even weeks after it was actually taken. So, unless you have a small wardrobe, you will not know until it is too late. But when you do notice, do ask your maid if she has seen it.

Toys: These are also hard to keep track of, as children often leave toys or lose them too. So unless you are sure that your child has not thrown it away or lost it, there is no concrete way of knowing whether the toys have been lost or stolen. But you should be alert if larger number of toys are missing than usual.

Jewellery and Valuables: This is serious indeed as most of us are careful about our jewellery. If you find any jewellery missing, it is time to raise a hue and cry. Do not let the matter rest until you find the jewellery or you find the thief. Keep photographs and a list of all your valuables and their estimated value with you. This way you will know what is missing and the photographs will help you when filing a formal complaint.

Money: If you find small sums of money missing from your home, it is time to be vigilant. This involves keeping track of the money you have spent and accounting for the money that is in the house. This may take a few minutes of your time but is essential

to discover any theft.

If you really suspect that your maid is a thief, then do speaking to the hiring agency and lodge a formal complaint. If the theft is serious, then you should report the matter to the police and prevent others like you from being robbed by the maid.

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