When you hire an employee you make sure to assess your need for them and check them out thoroughly before you hire them. You should do the same when hiring cleaning services Dubai. After all you are entrusting your most valuable asset, your home into their care. You would not just hand over the keys to your empty house to strangers would you?

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Choosing Cleaning Services Dubai

There are basically two categories of cleaning services Dubai has. The whole cleaning industry can be divided into commercial large scale agencies and the small family owned operations. The types of company you employ for yourself would depend entirely upon your cleaning needs. If you have a large mansion like home with a large garden, swimming pool and the works, you might want to hire commercial cleaning services. They have better equipment and trained employees. They are also likely to be more professionally managed with guarantees for work done. Such large companies normally work with large corporates or organisations and have better equipment for cleaning. But all this comes at an added cost. These commercial large operators are often more expensive than the local small companies offering similar services.

If you have a flat or a small house, it would be better to hire a maid or a cleaner through a small operator who works locally. Their cleaning equipment may not be state of art, but it is adequate for most houses. A lot of these operators are listed on internet directories and you can hire a cleaning service online easily.


Comparing Cleaning Companies Prices and Services

Before hiring a cleaning service in Dubai, you need to compare the services and the rates of each agency. You would be surprised at the variation in rates between the agencies offering similar services. It is smart to become a member of an online aggregator such as help4u.today before hiring online cleaning services in Dubai. These aggregators offer a platform for clients and agencies to interact and compare prices. Once you have found an agency that offers you the services you want at a price you wish to pay, you are ready to hire a maid in Dubai.

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Before Hiring a Maid in Dubai

Before you entrust your home to the maid you have hired, you should do the following:

  • Make sure that the company provides insurance against theft and damage to property by the hired help.
  • The cleaning service should give a bond that the work specified by you will be completed. You can insist on a part of the money being put into escrow against non-fulfilment of duties assigned.
  • Look into the hiring practices of the agency. This is important as you may get into trouble for hiring a maid who doesn’t have a work visa for Dubai. Ensure that the person being sent to your home has no criminal record and that the cleaning service takes all responsibility of the person they send to clean your house.
  • Ensure that the equipment and supplies that they bring are of good quality and in working order. They should also conform to the surfaces to be cleaned. You do not want your expensive marble countertop destroyed by an ignorant cleaner.
  • Ask the cleaning services and well as the maid they send to furnish references. Make sure to contact previous customers and employees to find out all you can about them. Ask lots of questions and ensure that your cleaners come with the highest recommendations.
  • Last but certainly not the least, go over the contract carefully before signing.

By following the above guidelines, you are safeguarding your home against mishaps and criminal activities committed by the cleaners.


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