Though we do not pay much attention to it, daily cleaning requires more than just a vacuum cleaner and a duster. For a house to be completely clean, attention needs to be paid to not just the inside of the house, but also the outside areas. You may consider hiring cleaners or a maid in Dubai. For cleaning services Dubai poses a challenge, the dust storms that are so common to the area, necessitate a more careful cleaning than perhaps, other less dusty regions of the world.

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Must have equipment for cleaning services Dubai

When hiring a cleaning service Dubai, you will need to ensure that the cleaners have proper equipment. In case you wish to use your own cleaning equipment, then make sure you have the following equipment available for the cleaners to use.

Vacuum Cleaner: This is perhaps the most useful and essential piece of equipment that Dubai cleaning services must have. It is needed not only to clean the rugs but also the spiders and their webs that can be such a menace in Dubai households. If it is a wet and dry cleaner, all the better for it as you can clean up spills and accidents quickly and easily without getting your hands dirty. So, make sure you have a powerful vacuum cleaner.


cleaning services Dubai

Brooms: Brooms are essential to clean those areas where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach easily. Also they are great for outdoors. Keep at least two. One for indoors and the other for outside areas such as yard and garden.

Dust Pans: Though there are many homes where dust pans are nonexistent, we believe that it is indispensable. What would one do without a dustpan? You should have at least two of these. One long-handled one so you do not always have to bend down or over to sweep up dirt and the other a conventional short handled one to clean up the table tops and counters.

Mop: Nothing cleans the floor like a good mop. There are many different types of mops available in the market from long handled flat mops to the more common string ones. There are also steam mops available in the market that are excellent for stone and hardwood floors. The mop that you choose is a matter of personal choice and convenience. If you have a regular cleaning service Dubai for cleaning your house, it is best to provide them with your own mops and brooms.

Squeegee: This is also called a wiper in some parts of the world. It is an excellent equipment for cleaning wet areas. Keep at least one big and one small one in your house. It is highly recommended that you have one for each shower area. This may be used to wipe down all the shower surfaces after use to prevent water marks on the surfaces and also to reduce the amount of work you need to put in every week in cleaning the showers.

Other Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Services Dubai

Dusters, scrapers, sponges, spray bottles, rubber gloves, and a variety of brushes for cleaning the various areas of the house are some of the other things you will need to provide to your cleaning services Dubai. Never share toilet brushes, provide one toilet brush for each of the toilets. Do not allow the cleaning services to use their toilet brushes. It is best to use your own.

Whether you hire online cleaning services or a maid in Dubai, ensure that the person is familiar with the equipment you have and uses them properly. Also, keep cleaning supplies handy to tackle the dirt and grime in your home.

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